Wow, what a term!

In these unknowing times, we have seen a community form. Those that really look out for one another while they live in a place they are unfamiliar with. The International Students of the UoN have become heroes of many. Showing such peace and strength as they work hard to create a good foundation of knowledge for their future. We were so pleased to see the community of churches and individuals in and around Northampton, sponsor Christmas gifts for 50 students! Thank you so much for those of you that helped with this! 

Please see below a testimony of one of our students who has been connected with FISH since 2020.


Stepping in a completely new country in the amidst of a global pandemic was much more difficult than it sounds.  Leaving my loved ones, my comfort zone and taking this step also made me question myself a couple of times that WHY? Why did I put myself in such a situation? But with all these thoughts there was a little explorer hidden inside me. The girl who wanted to wander, learn about this completely new place that she lives in, meet new people, go to new places and much more. The pandemic made all of these very difficult for me to experience but I believe I got lucky enough to know about FISH through my one and only friend that I had since I came.  


From the journey of attending virtual FISH meetings, to finally meeting all the people in the global cafe. This 7-month journey till now with FISH has been truly amazing. It had kept me busy and made my transition to UK much easier. Coming up with new activities and games every week, it’s something I look forward to every time. The organizers of FISH are the most kind and caring people I’ve met around. Their energy and positivity is a source of motivation for one’s self. Besides, I’ve met so many amazing people through FISH and all these people are the ones I'll always cherish for my entire life. I’ve made lifelong memories and friendships. I hope and wish that this community flourishes in the coming years, and me being a part of it to make the transition of each and every international student in UK, a smoother one.

-        By Kainaat Zulfiqar

 Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you so much for all your love, care and support over this last year!


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