Did you know that the UoN currently has 12,060 people enrolled? Those aren’t all at the university in person, as there are lots of classes happening online, and this number is also those spread across the campus’ in the town. This number will change often, but for now, the number is 12,060, and that number holds some very special people.

My name is Ruth Alexander and I am the Student Missions leader for FISH. A major part of my role is connecting with international students at the UoN. As I connect with individuals at the Global Café, when handing out coffee on a Wednesday with the Chaplain or just randomly during the week, I am usually in awe in how brave they all are. Most have left their family and friends behind, coming to a new country at a young age to start, or continue their journey in their education. They are learning about a new culture, dealing with culture shock and culture stress, while dealing with the normal level of stress while at University.

However, in the midst of all this, they bring so much joy. They marvel and bring wonder into situations. They befriend people who are from nations that their own nation are not at peace with. They bring new perspectives and rejoice in others achievements.

It is a huge privilege to be part of FISH, and part of these students’ lives.

Come June 8th, we will have another 600 people enrolling for the summer semester, and we are sadly losing some as they are graduating and moving on. I say sadly in the most selfish way, but what they have achieved is huge, and we are so proud of them all.

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you that have also given to the students of FISH through many ways. Some have donated, baked cakes, volunteered at the Global Café, prayed and much much more. We wouldn’t be able to continue without you, so thank you.

Before I go, I want to share this statement from a student who recently graduated:

‘I have enjoyed being a part of FISH. I cannot imagine how I would have managed to meet so many students and make friends if it wasn’t for FISH! I love the community and I am grateful for the comfort the host families have given us.’

Pictures are from our latest trip to the Moulton Village festival


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