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FISH Northampton was started in 2006 by Andrea Duncan, a former employee of the University of Northampton. She sought to offer friendship and hospitality to the large numbers of international students arriving to study at The University of Northampton every year.    Today, FISH is still growing and thriving in the original vision and goal. Monday nights we have our Global CafĂ© where we play games, learn new things, hear from guest speakers and get to know one another. Monday lunchtimes we partner with the Multi-Faith Centre on campus to provide a free lunch. There are also ‘Host Families’ that open their home to the students for meals, allowing a safe place to develop their English skills and learn about the culture. Alongside these we have events and trips together.   These things build community and provide connection with others.   Coming out of a season when we have been deprived of connection there is a huge need for it, on top of the need for connection which comes as a student,

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